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Today: saying hello to the door

I’ve learned some things from Havi about Doors. About the power and awesomeness of saying hello to something, making peace with what it is, in order to make room for what comes next. Earlier this week, I wrote a love … Continue reading

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Investigations into this thing called Balance

Today is Day Two of the Balance Expedition and I’m still figuring things out, but I’ve learned a lot so far! Havi wrote about Side Effects today, as a complete coincidence, and it’s so true: I thought I was just going to think about Balance, but as a side-effect I’ve managed to deal with other stuff that I thought was completely unrelated. Continue reading

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An Interrupted Interview

Sunday I had a hard day. A really, really hard day.

I wanted to interview my self about it because, well, it was hard, but also because I’m wondering if I have any idea of how to approach a situation like that in the future.

Little did I know it would be an interrupted interview, in more than one way… Continue reading

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The Fixing Instinct (and ignoring it)

I have this problem — maybe you have it too? — I like to fix stuff.

It seems like a great problem to have, right? Who doesn’t want to fix things? Broken = bad, fixed = good! Surely there is nothing simpler.

But what if the thing I’m good at is not good for me? Continue reading

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Thoughts while being a sleep-tender

I’m writing this in bed, next to my sleeping daughter. I knew I wanted to write about this, and I started out thinking, this doesn’t have very much to do with self awareness but of course the second you say … Continue reading

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