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Hello, July

July. Juillet, luglio.  Month before my birth month. Month of Oregon’s early summer. Month of deep green, of hectic fuschia roses up and down my block, of water fountains in the parks, of pollen in the air. Month of late, … Continue reading

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Mini Project Cards — a gift for you!

I made something for you! And here it is! Mini Project Cards  (Click that link to download!) Mini-Project Cards! This is something I designed to help you find more clarity and ease to the kind of thing that’s bigger than … Continue reading

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Being in the awesome, sitting with the hard

Yesterday I had a fantastic day. An unexpected, hard-and-good-wrapped-up-in-one day, because I went to a special playdate at Havi’s Playground! Of course. I spent a precious several hours with a small group of lovely local Rally-grad people, in the quiet, … Continue reading

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Being with the slow

Slow. Slowness. I’m declaring it my theme of the day. (Actually, my body declared it the theme looooooong before my brain and my heart caught up. Because of the slowness, you see.) I wanted to start the day with: energy … Continue reading

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My superpower this week: entries and exits!

This week has been different. In a few awesome and delightful ways: Productive. Not avoidant. Presence. And presents, everywhere! (I’ll explain that later.) Not fearing my office. Walking in with a smile on my face. What changed? On the surface, not … Continue reading

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All sorts of scramble, with a side of extra flail

The mini-Rally yesterday with Simone was: awesome. Hard. Enlightening. Surprising! Full of learnings. Here’s a little peek into my practice and where it brought me — because there have been some big, important shifts, both external and internal.   Making … Continue reading

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Today: saying hello to the door

I’ve learned some things from Havi about Doors. About the power and awesomeness of saying hello to something, making peace with what it is, in order to make room for what comes next. Earlier this week, I wrote a love … Continue reading

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Announcement! Three new things.

Announcement! Announcement! Briefly and proudly: this week I spent some very fun wordsmithing time in crafting two new pages that now live on my blog header, and editing one more that was in need of an update. Click on over … Continue reading

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Save the Date! A mini-Rally Monday

Today I am writing a letter! Specifically, a Save the Date. And I want to share it with you! I am writing this letter to the qualities that I want to invite to play and ruminate and scribble with me on … Continue reading

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Love for a sensitive self

Last night I found myself in a pretty hilariously typical situation for this time of year: the zany family dinner. Holiday celebration! On a weeknight! Hooray! Laughter and glasses of wine! Glittering decorations and oodles of good food! Also: overwhelm. … Continue reading

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