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Hello! So glad you dropped by.

You may want to read a few posts my readers have especially enjoyed:

And here are three more that are especially my favorites: Ten things that are true and Thoughts while being a sleep-tender and lastly: a Tiny reminder about dreams.



The Garden of Recurring Themes.

Or you could explore what I’ve written using the Garden of Recurring themes. See the dropdown box on the right sidebar of my blog, or click through here (now with mini explanations!)…

Blah into A-ha! Wherein I write my way through the stuckness, live!

Checking in is pretty much what it sounds like 🙂

Interview with a mirror category holds the deeper explorations and self-interviews.

Parenting is sometimes about parenting my actual child, and sometimes about guiding my own self through struggles.

Projectizing! I write about projects, internal and external, and share my progress along the way.

Rallying is a beloved tag: it’s reserved for times when I am on actual Rally (Rally!) or when I am creating and exploring in that special Rally headspace.

Sovereign symbols. Dragons. Dancing! Labyrinths and walls. My brain often thinks and figures in a highly charged symbolic language, and I write about it. And draw silly pictures.

Very personal ads: I don’t write these as often, but they borrow Havi’s VPA techniques and are so handy for exploring asking for what I really want. Yes.

Uncategorized! Absolutely everything, in handy chronological form. You’re welcome!


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