about me

Hello there! My name is Jesse.

That's me on the left! And my little chickadee on the right.

I am 32 years old. I am a writer by nature and a grant writer by profession; a mama and a curious soul by choice. And a reader, a Shivanaut, a crafter, a letterpress owner, a feminist, a poet, a cook, a vegetarian, a spouse, a bike rider.

I’ve been writing this blog since July 2010 but I’ve kept online journals (in many forms) since July 2001.

A few things about me

I live in Portland, Oregon. Or rather, just a bit south of there.

I am a gardener who currently does not have a garden.

I adore opera and classical waltzes, though you won’t find either on my iPod.

I have roots in Oregon, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and adopted and much-beloved roots in the extremely flat and north-westerly part of Texas.

I collect acorns and chestnuts.

My favorite drink is a gin Tom Collins.

Among family and close friends I’m known for two things: outrageously operatic and occasionally tuneless made-up songs that rhyme and get stuck in your head; and I’m your go-to gal if you ever need a resume or a cover letter.

Why I write here

I want to live a good and conscious life. One filled with ease, creativity, exploration, curiosity, compassion. One where I’m not afraid to fail and to learn about it.

Often what I write about here are the projects and investigations that come from the beautiful techniques for self-exploration and wonder I learn from folks like Havi and Maryann.

This is the space where I write about what really matters to me, and figure things out. Where I move from the struggle into the dance.

Why did I call it the Seed House?

The seed is me. The house is everything else. Or maybe neither of those things are true. I want to build the right house to house the right seed. Or plant the right seed in the house I haven’t yet designed. Or perhaps the seed is the house. I don’t know for sure.

I do want things to grow. I do want to learn more about myself. That’s why I’m here. Thank you for reading.

Last updated January 2012.


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