Silliness and scribbles (Secret Playdate #4)

Today is Day 15 of my 30 day giveaway project, but today is also a Super Grumpy Day.

(How grumpy? So grumpy. Super grumps-a-lot. Because I don’t want to do A Thing. On a ridiculously hot day. Ugh, grumpy.)

But while I’m taking my Grumpus Monsters to the happy spa (literally, I’m going to get a hair cut!), I want to tell you about an awesome thing. I did another Secret Playdate!

Wooooooo! Can I just say again, for the record, how fun Secret Playdates are? For creative types like me, laboring away at a mostly-awesome but not-always-creative job and sitting at a mostly-uncreative desk, it is super awesome to close my door, set a timer, and get out the crayons for an hour to just unwind.

I am not being paid to tell you this stuff, it is simply the truth, because Maryann makes this awesomeness happen on a regular basis and you should try it out. Really. I love that this is now a thing — that a Tuesday will fall into my lap and an hour will open up and I’ll say to myself, hey, let’s get out the crayons and have some fun! It’s the best.

As usual I made some wacky meaningful-to-me art, the best kind, and I scribbled about some what-if fears cropping up about a particular project I want to work on. And then, because what is a Secret Playdate if not for brain-scrambling, I did some Shiva Nata with some words connected to my particular project! And got super scrambled! I was giggling aloud at some of the random word-connections and ideas.

Here were the words I used:

Horizontals: Plan – Open – Connect – Create

Verticals: Time – Energy – Flow – Play

These were all intimately connected to parts of the project I need to make happen, or are scared or fearful of, or desire to make more of. That sort of thing. It was exactly right, because finding the new and unlikely connections between those eight words was perfectly, scramblingly fun. Yay!

And then, because I was all happy and brain-tumbled about all of this (yelling new slogans like Energy Time! Play Plan! Time Connect! in my head) I decided to do some drawing Shiva Nata.

Yeah, I don’t know either. Surely someone else has done this before? Right? It’s just connecting-the-unconnected with ink and crayon instead of with body flailing, really. I wrote down my words and then I drew swirly connecting lines between them and then I colored in the spaces in between, because that seemed like fun too:

Drawing Shiva Nata on the right ---> Swirly!

So much fun! Swirls! Overlaps! Brain-mapping!

And meanwhile, aside from the colorful fun, I came away with some actual insights into some of the unlikely benefits that could be hiding in this project — how solutions will come from unlikely connections, how planning for it can open up the kind of spaces that I’m craving. Good stuff. The exact right kind of good stuff that helps me let go of the fearful what-ifs and hang onto the yay-fun-exciting energy that comes at the beginning of a new project.

So, there you have it. The fun and colorful and giggling thing I did yesterday. Writing about it has been a very lovely distraction from the Grumpus that is hanging out in my headspace today, that’s for sure.


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Writer. Mama. Spy in the house of self-awareness. Occasional crafter, letterpress geek, and academic snob.
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6 Responses to Silliness and scribbles (Secret Playdate #4)

  1. Sue T says:

    Wow! So creative!
    Thanks for sharing the photo.

    • jesse k. says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! There are many, many ways of Secret Playdating…I should talk more about that. Sometimes it’s less about the joy and more about drawing patterns, or fearful lists, or similar. Getting onto paper what is sitting around in the brain, with pictures, is always useful to me.

  2. Cyn says:

    i LOVE the swirly colorfulness of your shiva nata drawings! actually I love all your drawings. I remember an especially magical dragon that I think had something to do with a bicycle… I vote for more drawings, they always make me so blankity blank HAPPY!

  3. Paulita says:

    I love when you Play Date — reminds me of what I love about Play Dating too! 🙂

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