Fourteen things

A list of fourteen things. From my very quiet and very irregular Secret Play Date of sorts, which was conducted in the pauses and the quiet spaces of my Tuesday office hours for faculty grant seekers today.

This is my little practice of mindfulness, of soaking in the beauty during a hard week, of being with the things that bring me strength.

1. The hills in the valley vista out this window are covered with irregular patches of trees.

Sketched in the list: the tree line from Portland's Palatine Hill

2. I saw one purple trillium and a lot of white ones on my walk up the hill.

3. I maintained a good boundary (and made good connections!) during my office hours.

4. The quiet and stillness in this room, the glass expanse of the table.

5. The godlike palaces of cloud in the sky today.

6. Grateful that yesterday’s shadow has passed, even if it’s not yet solved.

7. Simplicity is the stone of this day that I carry in my pocket to remind me.

8. Hello, day. Learning about this habit, now on day two of an experiment with it.

9. Memories of Passover dinner in 2001. Hello old self, old loves bubbling up like laughter.

10. Long-stemmed artichokes steamed for dinner. Yum.

11. Working with poets. Chemists. Lawyers. It’s what I do.

12. This afternoon light!

13. Time away from my desk is: autonomy, sovereignty.

14. All the birdsong I can hear.

I can’t seem to put it into words, but I will say: I’m in the struggle and the stuck, this week, and I’m trying to swim through it with as much grace as I can. Send some peace and strength, if you’ve some to spare, and don’t forget to take care of you, too. Love to all.

About jesse k.

Writer. Mama. Spy in the house of self-awareness. Occasional crafter, letterpress geek, and academic snob.
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1 Response to Fourteen things

  1. Claire P says:

    Read this the other day and had to run awaay because I felt like ‘no I don’t have any peace or strength to spare aaarrggh!’ (which I’m sure isn’t true anyway) but just now I realised that I can INVOKE it, on behalf of you and me and everyone who needs it.

    So, Peace. Breathe. This may suck but it too shall pass. Etc.

    Hugs. And possibly a stiff drink. Or a cup of tea and a bickie. Whatever we need. May we find it.

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