Friday check in: Inadequate tea edition

What can I say about this week? It had the quality of a pea-soup fog (though the weather was actually quite dazzling) and some kind of not-enoughness that kept nagging at the edges.

And in the midst of it all, picture me pulling my little red wagon, in which all my monsters are sitting munching on cookies and occasionally throwing the crumbs at me. Yeah.

So let’s recap: the fussy, the happy, and the tasty.

Fuss fussy fuss

Where oh where has the good tea gone? (This has got to be the fussiest, silliest thing but damnit, it matters!) Mornings are just not as fun when I’ve run out of the good Earl Grey and I’m not proud of the compromises I’ve made in its absence (ahem inferior Lipton green that tasted like dust). I have a lovely afternoon tea, Pukka’s Love, sent by my dear fellow Rallyite Emmanuelle, but of course that just won’t do for the mornings. And neither will the distinct lack of good milk. Or my distinct lack of motivation to go fetch either of those things.

Campus melodrama to the eXtreme, yo. I work at a liberal arts college. There is all kinds of drama. It is getting my hackles up and I can’t do anything about it except rage silently against the unfairness of the world and how myopic crusaders can cause so much harm. Sound and fury! Tales told by idiots! Etcetera. Please send cake.

All the fussiness of the Travel Monster that just wouldn’t go away. I did lots of grounding and journaling and fed it Logistics Treats (the Travel Monster’s favorite!) and it still just wouldn’t settle down.

Not enough biking. Not enough balance. Not enough stretching. It’s colder and darker in the mornings and I only biked twice. And meanwhile the stuck apparently glued me to my office chair because I only rarely got up to stretch and practice my balance exercises. It has made my body grumpy and I can feel it and it’s taking everything I have not to jump into the deep end of despair about it. Instead I’m just splashing around in the Kiddie Pool of Occasional Sadness.

Just, everything. Fussiness is everywhere. The Monsters are fussy, I’m fussy because they’re fussy, everything else seems fussy even when it probably isn’t, and hence the pea soup fog of this week. Crankypants ahoy!

The happy stuff

I did manage to work through two stucknesses. I wrote a Mission Statement for my travel plans so I can stop thinking about the what-ifs and just focus on what the trip is supposed to be. And then I battled the stuck with gleeful play in order to get some important work done on a deadline.

I am done (DONE!) with my Wednesday night class! Hallelujah! This is the pain management class that was 1) required and 2) no fun and 3) eight freaking weeks long and 4) made me miss my family a lot. Now it’s done and I’m so, so glad.

I found the travel/wedding shoes I wanted to find. They are awesome.

Opera, opera, opera! Because my husband and I are huuuuuge nerds for stagecraft and for opera, we are going to see the Met’s Das Rheingold live in HD at a local theatre. This is the biggest damn opera, on the best damn stage, with the most amazing damn set you will ever see, bar none. OMG it’s tomorrow and I can’t freaking wait.

My dearest darling chickpea turned 1 year old on Tuesday. Amazing. Happy birthday, peanut. Love you so much.

The tasty!

I am making a homemade birthday cake for aforementioned darling chickpea, for this Sunday’s wee birthday fete. It will be shaped like a monkey, because why not?

And because I am a die-hard Smitten Kitchen fan, I also can’t wait to make this mushroom lasagna this weekend. Yum!


I hope your week contained decidedly less pea-soup stuckness and a considerable amount of joy and giggles and triumphs and naps. And I hope your weekend is like that, too! Mine will contain, at minimum: world class opera, mushrooms in bechamel, and home-made chocolate frosting. Not bad for one weekend.

Kisses and hugs to all!


About jesse k.

Writer. Mama. Spy in the house of self-awareness. Occasional crafter, letterpress geek, and academic snob.
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