Friday check-in: conspiracy edition!

Hi there! Do you know what I did yesterday? I paid several strangers to conspire amongst themselves and stick a rather large needle in my ASS, dig around a bit to find my ASS BONE and then shoot it full of cortisone.  Yup. Luckily I was tripping balls pretty much the whole time, but still. ASS NEEDLES. I dare you to find a funnier description of what you did yesterday around 4pm.

But that is but one event in a whole week of craziness. The hard, the good, and one bonus secret at the end: let’s do this thing!

Hard things

Anticipation of the aforementioned ass needle: very preoccupying! Wholly inescapable! Eventually I wrote a dialogue with the Me who wanted to wear stompy boots because the anxiety wasn’t going to go away until the procedure was done.

Downright nasty humidity earlier this week, giving me flashbacks to Connecticut summers, what was up with that? It really didn’t help with the stuck mood, either. Our office A/C wasn’t on, and neither was my brain. Checked. Out.

Daycare meltdowns were the theme of the week for my little one (who will be 1 next Tuesday! insanity) and for the worst one I had no way to get there and comfort her. I was exactly one mile away from her, and yet due to the ass needle I couldn’t go get her. So I had my own little meltdown about that, me and the Saddest Monster together (she’s still the Saddest Monster, she just doesn’t taunt me as much).

Good things

I’m done with the ass needle! (Big sigh of relief.) And it actually didn’t hurt as much as last time — even though they spent about ten minutes digging around for my coccyx, which apparently was playing hide-and-seek with the xray. You know how those cocci are, always playing jokes! Ha. But seriously — thank god I was more numb than last time because I couldn’t even feel the GIANT needle in my ass the whole time they were digging around.

Figuring out a giant stuck earlier this week made me feel so much more relaxed. Talking about this thing that I want to talk about is hard, but I’m getting there.

Related: feeling like balance is all over the place this week. More biking, more Shiva Nata, more Yoga (half moon pose!), more awareness, more understanding. Boy does that ever feel good.

My hamsa necklace came in the mail! All the way from Israel. You should go visit the Shoogi jewelry shop because Avishag’s work is so lovely.

And I promised you a secret…

Which might not be a secret if you already follow me on Twitter! But go ahead and pretend, using your best secret-keeping smile…

Unbeknownst to the world, underneath my plain yellow skirt today I am wearing a pink crinoline! It is soft and swishy and subtle and it makes me grin.

This is a worthy secret, as anyone who’s ever worn secretly beautiful undergarments will tell you. You carry it along with you and feel special all day, even though no one knows. It’s making my Friday pretty awesome.

Happy Friday and happy weekending, everyone! May your weekend be exactly what it needs to be.


About jesse k.

Writer. Mama. Spy in the house of self-awareness. Occasional crafter, letterpress geek, and academic snob.
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4 Responses to Friday check-in: conspiracy edition!

  1. Shannon says:

    You do letterpress! So cool. And yay for being done with the ass needle, because that’s very nearly self-explanatory… yowch.

    Although I bet the painkillers were pretty trippy.

    And yes, TSA meets NVC. Almost worth the acronyms!


    • jesse k. says:

      Yes, I do letterpress! I wish I did more of it, or more often I should say 🙂

      The end of an ass needle is the best kind!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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