Friday Check-in: Querencia ahoy!

It’s Friday! The skies are gray! But I don’t care because I am in a happy mood! Full of exclamation points! Seriously, it’s like living inside a musical because I am about to start dancing and singing out loud any minute now!

Ahem. So here is my chicken/check-in: the hard, the AMAZINGLY good, and the lovely (new category!) plus a few fun links at the end.

Hard things

The week of many unusual days. Continual weirdness! Strange dawns and early departures and daycare in an uproar with a nasty virus (which thankfully did NOT visit our house) and most of all: appointments, appointments, appointments. Bleh.

My least favorite troll came out of hiding to pester me with her unanswerable, heart-achingly difficult questions. About mothering. About working at the same time. Sigh. My heart is heavy and still troubled about it. There are no easy answers, no matter how hard I look.

Amazingly good things

Our new bike trailer! I wished and wished for it in my Very Personal Ad No. 6 and on Sunday (just a few hours after I posted VPA No. 7 thinking it might be around the corner) it finally found us!! The perfect size, the perfect price, at the exact right moment when we had spare time to dash across town and pick it up.

Since getting the trailer, we have gone on many bike rides together with the wee one; I’ve even used it to drop her off at daycare twice. This morning I went even though it was raining! She simply squeals with delight when we go on rides — especially when we go down hills. And you know what? My body and my brain are delighted by bike-riding too. It’s just a mutual explosion of delight in our household lately!

Also amazingly good: after working so hard to manage my chronic pain flare-up for the past two or three weeks, it has subsided to the point where I had six days without having to take my emergency painkillers. Words cannot express my wonder, thankfulness, and awe at being mostly pain-free this week.

Lovely thing

On Havi’s post on Setting and place, Kathleen of Spiral Songs and Grace Notes commented about the word querencia: meaning “a place where you feel centered, safe, truly at home, and wholly yourself.”

A place that is so much more than home. The soul’s home, perhaps. The best place. I found myself there for two beautiful days this week. And then little bits of that querencia feeling kept coming back during other days, too. Happiness simply coursing through my veins. Alive, awake. Beautiful.

Fun things!

First: If you are a mail-art person, you love Olive Manna Textiles & Paper Goods as much as I do, though admittedly I’ve set the bar a bit high. There is an entire section of beautifully crafty ribbon and twine. (Oh my. I think my heart fluttered.) Go check it out!

Second: Rebecca of Smart Fresh Writing‘s fab post that I keep returning to: On butt spasms, self-doubt and writing your business essence. As someone who also suffers from back-spasms and butt-spasms (really!) I truly appreciated her nugget of wisdom:

You can’t ‘work at’ a tension or misalignment in an athletic, driven sort of way. Focussing on that one point simply strengthens the knot. Tightens the noose.

You don’t want to tighten. You want to release.

Yes. This, exactly. Releasing and opening. Maybe I’m not dealing with business writing, but I am dealing with exactly the kind of spasms of the heart (and butt!) she’s talking about. Brilliant post — definitely recommend giving the whole thing a read.

Happy Friday to all and sundry — I’m pretty sure my weekend will include: bike rides, the farmer’s market, several naps, and probably a lot of silly, giggly playing with a certain 11-month old. Exactly my favorite kind of weekend. I hope yours is exactly what it needs to be, too. Xo.


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2 Responses to Friday Check-in: Querencia ahoy!

  1. I am so glad to have been able to send the word querencia your way! I hadn’t thought about it in years before reading Havi’s post about settings, and their power.

    And oh, brrr — I know that troll all too well. Then, too, there is something about the dilemma — that lose-lose, damned if you do, damned if you don’t feeling. Hey, troll, do we really have to be on that particular bridge? It really takes its toll (ouch). There must be another option!

    Hmm. Thanks for the good thoughts today!

  2. jesse k. says:

    Hi Kathleen! Thanks for coming to say hi, and thanks again for the gift of this word that is bringing me so much joy this week 🙂

    It is a dilemma, definitely. And for me this particular troll is also wedded to the idea that it’s supposed to be difficult (though I’m not even sure if that’s true, or just a story I’m telling right now about it?). So it’s prickliness and unhappiness all around whenever it shows up. Sorry to hear this troll visits you, too. It seems she gets around!

    Happy Friday to you 🙂

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