Very Personal Ad No. 5: Thoughts about the Rally

Tonight the Rally begins! It’s going to be: three (almost four) wild, radically rumpus-filled days of zen and doing stuff.

Wild zenful brainbending goodness! At least, such is my plan. Who even knows what it will be like when I get there? But I have an inkling that wild zen will not be out of place, at all.

I already wrote a Very Personal Ad in which I unwittingly asked for the Rally to come to me, and it did. Now it’s here and this is my short and sweet VPA about how I’d like it to go.

What I’d like: To have fun. To take notes.

To go with flexible things and a flexible brain.

I want to work on my novel, but I also want to know what’s next. Or rather, I want to know what my secret question is. It’s so secret, I can’t even hear it.

How this could work:

Maybe the extra magical Playground will charm it (the novel AND the secret question) right out of me and I’ll have one of those ah-ha moments.

Maybe I’ll realize I knew the secret’s answer all along?

Maybe something will happen that is more magical and perfect than I can even imagine.

My first idea is to map out the novel and write what I’m called to write. What is the big swampy messy thing that happens in the middle? Who is there when it happens?

But most importantly, I don’t know what the Rally will be like until I get there. Things could happen in the most unexpected, jubilant ways. Be open.

I’d like to come back to earth on Friday with a laugh and think I didn’t have the faintest idea. In the best way possible.

My commitment:

Bring your creative self. Not your end-of-the-workday self. You wore pigtails today for a reason!

Try. Even when the trying is hard. There is going to be all kinds of help for this sort of thing.

Move around. Yoga (yes!) and Shiva Nata (?????) will help with this. Don’t let the newness of the place overwhelm you to the point of sitting still for too long.

Commit to the Rally. Really do it. Its job is to build little bridges to this place where you get things done and feel open and inspired.


One last wish: I want to visit this neighborhood near the Playground in a special way. This is more than just a visit. It’s a courting call, I think. I want to give it a listen, a walk-around, pretend it’s home for a bit and see what I find out. Get to know its soul. I think this part is very important.


About jesse k.

Writer. Mama. Spy in the house of self-awareness. Occasional crafter, letterpress geek, and academic snob.
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3 Responses to Very Personal Ad No. 5: Thoughts about the Rally

  1. Awesome. I cannot wait! This is all very exciting! Let the zen rumpus begin, y’all. That needs to go on a shirt or something.


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