Very Personal Ad No. 3

This is going to be a very quick Very Personal Ad because I’ve got two things stewing in my head that I want to happen, and I want to jot them down in VPA format in order to formally commit to the fact that I REALLY WANT THEM TO HAPPEN. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll forget.

You can read my prior Very Personal Ads here and read more about the technique and its many variations over at the Fluent Self blog. Very Personal Ads are awesome! And useful! They get stuff done!

Okay, go:

Very Personal Ad No. 3: Creativity is tasty stuff

1. What I want: To take a letterpress class

How this could happen:

  • Oh ye gods, first of all DON’T FREAK OUT that you haven’t touched letterpress in a year, and before that, multiple years, even though you HAVE A LETTERPRESS and stuff.
  • Contemplate the fancy expensive class and the thrifty and awesome class both located conveniently in town
  • Time, time, time. Find some, it’s not hard! Remember, with a little advance planning babysitting is totally possible, your daughter will not forget about you!
  • Money, money, money. Think about the $500 version and the $65 version and what you will get from each one — academic credentials could be useful, but so could access to a DIY studio.
  • Could this be a birthday gift to myself? It’s coming up in August, you know.

My commitments:

  • Pay attention to my desire for creativity, give it some love.
  • No, really pay attention. Creating something with my hands gives me a deep satisfied glow of contentment. Getting all inky and tinkering with quoins and chases….ahh, feel that nice little letterpress swoon coming on? Go out and get some more of that goodness.
  • Be open in case this doesn’t happen right away.
  • Think some more (at some point in the future, not right now) about ways the Letterpress Thing in your life could happen more regularly, and maybe even think some more about that tiny fragile dream you had about an Etsy shop once. (Don’t freak out! Think about this later!)

2. What I want: To attend a writing retreat!

Ways this could happen:

  • Oh man, remember creative writing? There’s another nice thrill, currently dormant, that could become part of life again.
  • This is the one that inspired this whole idea.
  • This is one that would have to be waaaayyyy in the future. Like next summer. Or maybe even the summer after that. Landing this dream is going to be a little complicated and it’s okay if it takes a little time.
  • I would need some magic synchronicity in the childcare realm.
  • Some magic money would be helpful too!
  • Perhaps by next year I will have made some progress on that one project, to the point where it will be NECESSARY AND URGENT to go away and work on it.
  • Maybe there are other similar retreats nearby I could find out about in the meantime
  • I could save a little bit each month in a special Jesse’s Going To Writer Camp account

My commitments:

  • Don’t forget about this
  • Go back to the writing project, give it some attention
  • Think about how I want creative writing to fit into life: is it organic? Am I making space for it? What happens if I don’t make space for it?


Okay, there you have it. Two things that I want to happen, two things that are a little more substantial than they were this morning when they were just thoughts in my head.

I will soon report on the progress of Very Personal Ad No. 2: the Shakespearean Yoga Dilemma, the one which called up all sorts of monsters for me. Today I am going to face those monsters down in person, because it’s Yoga Class Day. It’s going to take all my stubbornness to get there and I will report back later this week. Balance or perish!


About jesse k.

Writer. Mama. Spy in the house of self-awareness. Occasional crafter, letterpress geek, and academic snob.
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