Very Personal Ad No. 1

I’m thinking a lot about making things true. Not in the sense of wishing for things to become true (though that is part of it), but in the sense that I want my life to be closer to what feels right. Or to move in that direction.

One tool I’m using is the Very Personal Ad deployed with such panache by the very interesting and inspiring Havi Brooks. Here is my very first one, even though it’s been edited a little bit for privacy. And part of asking for Very Personal Stuff is admitting where I’m at. And right now things are kind of dull* because I’m thinking about work. So, here goes!

Here’s what I want: To make meaningful progress on my year-end review and FY2011 forecasting.

Ways this could work:

  1. Assemble fiscal review: DONE
  2. Gather last year’s documents: Need access from boss person
  3. Assess last year’s goal: DONE
  4. Write down my thoughts about what I want to accomplish based on retreat notes (and don’t forget about teamwork!): DONE
  5. Piece these three things together, write an executive summary: DONE
  6. Compare with boss person’s goals and add if necessary: DONE
  7. Create portfolio list and investigate next year’s goal: In progress
  8. Write assessment statement using list from HR

My commitment:

  1. Understand that I get to take credit for my portfolio just because it’s there
  2. Do not undermine legitimate success with nagging thoughts
  3. Pay attention to my gut. Remember: sometimes a nagging thought is actually a secret clue to what’s going on in my gut.

Okay…those are good things to work on the emotional side of the annual review, but what about the actual work of typing things and creating a document?

  • Breathe deep and go through the list one item at a time
  • It’s okay to be overwhelmed: this has been a Big Year and it’s hard to wrap your mind around all its different corners and aspects and peculiarities
  • By the end of Tuesday morning, complete steps 3-5 at a minimum
  • If you need to close other computer programs, DO IT
  • If you need to take your laptop to a new place, DO IT

Remember: relax, have fun, and do what you know. If you have questions, write them down in an Important Place and come back to figure them out later.

For next time: I’m going to come back and report on my progress with this particular Very Personal Ad, and then maybe write some more of them, as needed.

* To think about sometime soon: do I really think work is dull? Or am I just bored right now because I’m not actually doing any work? Ah, that sounds more familiar. Like I said…I’ll come back and write more about this part soon.


About jesse k.

Writer. Mama. Spy in the house of self-awareness. Occasional crafter, letterpress geek, and academic snob.
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